sign carriers
roman soldier

Semana Santa in Photos

Semana Santa is celebrated all over the world the week before easter.  I was lucky enough to experience it in Antigua, Guatemala where the processions are elaborate and many people flock to see the alfombras, carpets made of pine needles, flowers and sawdust.  The alfombras are created in the street …

ari in garden
me and my guitar

Happiness in Guatemala

  It’s odd having a cleaning lady and a gardener come almost every day.  It makes me feel like some high class …

ladies with ari

Why Traveling Empowers You

  Traveling challenges your ability to survive.  Surviving in a place where you know the language, food and people is relatively easy. …

A thrifters dream, wall to wall vintage clothing and jewlery
Post bike ride Mexican Feast


I was a little disgruntled with my research. With the internet, it is usually fairly easy to find something interesting to do …